The Native State



Founded by Scottish based designer Frankie Kerr-Dineen, The Native State opened its virtual doors in the summer of 2012. Inspired by adventure, love, positive vibes and most recently motherhood, Frankie's line of prints and stationery aim to lift your mood, make you smile or get you back on the right path. 

Who is The Native State girl?
She's a creative soul who lives in the moment. She greets the world with a smile and positive attitude and in return is surrounded by good friends, good vibes and adventure. Life has taught her some hard lessons but it has made her stronger and braver. She doesn't believe in 'What If's' and isn't afraid to take a risk. She'll never own too many pairs of boots!

The Native State Girl is me.

Thanks for stopping by.


"We are the drifters and dancers, sun worshippers and risk takers. The dreamers, the lovers, believers and change makers"

The Native State Manifesto, written by Frankie in the summer of 2012.