Yesterday marked getting into single figures in weeks until the bump arrives - 9 weeks and 6 days. It's been a funny old road this pregnancy with some major downs and lots of ups.  It's been harder than I ever knew possible but also easier in so many ways. For one thing I never knew morning sickness would cripple me so much, losing one stone in four weeks.  At the time I remember saying I never wanted to forget how awful the morning sickness was, not in a sadistic way but because it was so awful that I wanted to remember how strong I and the husband were as individuals and as a team to get through it.  Of course I remember the awful, permanent feeling of being sea sick, of 200 calories days and that fear of waking up and knowing you had to get through another day. But I also remember smiling, laughing occasionally and keeping a strong and positive head when the rest of my body wasn't cooperating. One thing is for sure, I couldn't have done it without my husband by my side, what a trooper!

I know the following 9 weeks and a bit will have more to teach me but for now these are the top ten things I have learnt about being a first time pregnant. 

1. Don't read blog posts - no really, not even this one.  I have definitely learnt that everyone is so different and there is not an article, app or blog in the world that will be able to sum up what your journey will be.

2. Ask for help - People will be more than happy to help you and you're not failing if you ask for some help every once in a while.

3. Treat yourself - You're doing an amazing thing and you should be rewarded.  Treat yourself every now and again, even if its just a little thing.  i bought myself my dream leather jacket and it's made me feel good during my pregnancy and I can't wait to wear with babe attached to my front.  I may have had to take out a small loan to purchase it but it's paid back many times over.

4. Get use to your body - Your body is going to change, there is no escaping that fact.  I've taken to sitting in my underwear in the morning when I do my make up. It's teaching me to embrace all the changes taking place and I'm pretty proud of this body of mine.

5. Drink water - all day, every day.  It's that simple!

6. Buy a sleeping cushion early - I bought a maternity cushion at week 16.  I didn't necessarily need it at the time but it helped me to get use to it. Now with two months to go, I'm sleeping like a baby.

7. You don't need every gadget - buy the basics and learn from experience* what you will need. * You'll note I'm still waiting for the experience.

8. Go to your antenatal classes - Like me, the idea may fill you with dread. Try it once and if it's not for you then don't go back.  I did go back and left a little more knowledgeable.

9. Accept that things won't be as expected - see point 1. I read a hundred and one things about what was going to happen to me during week 16, week 20, week 33.  Most didn't happen.  Plan to an extent but appreciate that it's a draft plan and things will change and that is okay.

10. Time will escape you - I started this blog post when I was 10 weeks, I'm 5 weeks tomorrow.  Time will pass quickly and you're not always going to get everything done.