Can I let you in on a little secret?

When I started the print side of The Native State, the dream was to feel creative whilst also satisfying my entrepreneurial side. I wanted to design fun, inspirational prints that I was proud of and hopefully sell a couple along the way.  As the months passed and my prints became more popular, selling a few more than the month before I decided to add being stocked in retailers to my to-do list.  I remember talking to a friend over coffee one day and declaring ‘I want Urban Outfitters to stock The Native State’. It felt ambitious and bold but I’ve never been one to believe things are unachievable.  So as 2015 came to a close and after one year of selling my first print, I’m now stocked in over five retail stores and….one of them just happens to be Urban Outfitters! To be honest I’ve been sitting on this news for a while, mostly because I don’t think I necessarily believed it was true and didn't want to tempt fate. But you know what? It is and from next week, you will find ‘Good Vibes Only’ by The Native State in all Urban Outfitters stores across the UK.  

So never be told you can't or your dreams are not possible. No matter how ridiculous they may sound at the time, life just may have a way of making them a reality. 

Good Vibe Only is currently available on Etsy, The Native State and Eastend Prints.